Dryer Tumbling Issues – Repair Tips For The Basic DIYer

2 September 2015
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If you handle some of the basic appliance repairs around your house, you may very well be able to figure out what is causing your dryer to not tumble. There are three main issues that could be causing this problem – a bad pulley idler, a bad motor, or a bad or off-track drum belt. Inspect the Drum Belt Since this is the easiest fix, start by checking the drum belt. Read More 

4 Tips To Prevent Lint Buildup In Your Dryer

1 September 2015
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Clothing dryers make laundry day a whole lot easier, but they can also be dangerous if they aren't used correctly. For example, if your dryer becomes clogged with lint, then it can catch on fire. Obviously, this is something that you'll want to prevent, so it's important to take steps to prevent lint buildup in and around your dryer. These are a few ways that you can tackle the lint. Read More 

3 Questions To Ask When You Hire An Appliance Repair Service

28 August 2015
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When your washing machine, refrigerator or any other appliance in your home stops working properly, it's no time to panic. Instead, look up some appliance repair services in your community and call a few to see which will be able to help you. The feeling you get from talking to each service, as well as the answers to questions about repair costs and how soon someone can visit your home can all combine to aid you in hiring the right service. Read More 

Five “No Sweat” Ways To Stay Cool When Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down

26 August 2015
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It's no fun being stuck in a house with a broken air conditioner, especially when the temperature begins to climb. Calling a licensed air conditioner repair company means that help is on the way, but you realistically might have to wait a little time for the assistance if the repair company has other clients lined up. Get creative and you'll find that you can use a variety of methods to stay comfortable until your air conditioner is functional again. Read More