3 Questions To Ask When You Hire An Appliance Repair Service

28 August 2015
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When your washing machine, refrigerator or any other appliance in your home stops working properly, it's no time to panic. Instead, look up some appliance repair services in your community and call a few to see which will be able to help you. The feeling you get from talking to each service, as well as the answers to questions about repair costs and how soon someone can visit your home can all combine to aid you in hiring the right service. Don't shy away from asking other questions, though. While the repair service rep might not be able to get you confirmed answers until visiting your home, there's a lot you can learn by asking the right questions. Here are three that are valuable to ask.

What Do You Suspect Is The Problem?

While it's true that the repair person won't be able to provide a definitive answer until inspecting the issue, those who are experienced can often give you a pretty accurate idea of your issue simply by having you describe what you've noticed. Asking this question has multiple benefits. By asking the repair person's opinion about what the issue might be, you'll often be able to get a fairly accurate price quote. Additionally, the repair person's ability to effectively this question can instill confidence and help you pick the right company to hire for the job.

How Long Should It Take To Get Parts?

It's ideal to hire an appliance repair service that has close connections with many parts suppliers -- after all, your lifestyle is often inconvenienced until the appliance is fixed. Look for a service that pledges to call and order parts from your home upon diagnosing the issue and ensuring the parts will be shipped expeditiously. Avoid companies that talk about how getting parts is a lengthy process; there's always a company out there that is able to get your parts quickly.

What Can I Do Before You Arrive?

Often, repair people visit homes and have to spend the first part of their visit performing tasks that the homeowner could handle him or herself. Asking about what you can do before the repair visit can save the person time and thus save you money. For example, someone coming to fix your refrigerator would likely ask you to remove all your food from the appliance and unplug it to begin the defrosting process. Even something as simple as clearing obstacles from the area and putting down drop sheets to protect your floor can be simple tasks that reduce the length of the person's visit.