4 Tips To Prevent Lint Buildup In Your Dryer

1 September 2015
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Clothing dryers make laundry day a whole lot easier, but they can also be dangerous if they aren't used correctly. For example, if your dryer becomes clogged with lint, then it can catch on fire. Obviously, this is something that you'll want to prevent, so it's important to take steps to prevent lint buildup in and around your dryer. These are a few ways that you can tackle the lint.

1. Clean Your Lint Trap After Each Load

It can be easy to forget to clean the lint trap after finishing a load of clothes, but this is a very important habit to get used to. If you don't, the lint could eventually fall out of the lint trap and could fall into the deep, dark crevices of your dryer, which can be very dangerous. Plus, if you remember to empty out your lint trap, you will be able to get your clothes dried much more quickly.

2. Move Your Dryer for Cleaning

Don't forget to move your dryer away from the wall several times a year so that you can sweep under, behind and around it. You might be surprised by how much dust you will find when you move your dryer, and this dust can cause your dryer to overheat and catch on fire.

3. Shake Off Clothing Before Washing and Drying

If your clothing is covered in pet hair or lint, it's best to shake it to get as much of it off as possible before washing and drying. Not only will this protect your washing machine, but it will also prevent your dryer from getting clogged with this pet hair or lint.

4. Clean Out Your Dryer Duct

You should be using a dryer duct or sock to force the air that comes out of your dryer outdoors. Just make sure that you clean out this duct or sock on a regular basis. Even if you clean out your dryer's lint trap on a regular basis, lint and debris can still clog up in the duct or sock. If this debris isn't removed, it could pose a fire hazard.

The idea of your dryer catching on fire can be extremely scary, but this doesn't mean that you have to stop using this convenient appliance. Instead, always make sure that you follow these tips. Then, you can prevent dangerous lint and debris buildup and can help prevent a dryer fire from occurring.

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