Signs That You Need Oven Repair

26 October 2016
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Most people use the oven in their kitchen regularly, whether it's to heat up a frozen pizza or cook a five-star dinner. An oven on the fritz can a real inconvenience. Often, your oven can be repaired, especially if you catch the problem early. The following are a few signs that mean it's time to have the oven checked out by a repair contractor.

Uneven heating

Most ovens have hot spots – areas that are closer to the element and get a bit hotter than others. The issue is if there is a major discrepancy in temperatures in the oven. If one area is staying much cooler, then the heating element may be giving out. Variations in temperature should never be more than a degree or two at most.

Pilot light issues

If you have a gas oven, the pilot light should be burning an even blue color. It should also relight easily if it goes out. Pilot lights that are burning any color but blue, or that are wavering or flickering, are not receiving an even flow of gas. Difficulty lighting a pilot can also indicate a gas flow issue. In some cases the valve may require cleaning, while in others it may need replacement.

Not heating

A failure to heat to the preset temperature can indicate an issue with the elements. One or more may have burned out, which means your oven can no longer heat up completely until it is replaced. Some modern ovens also have a computer control panel. In some cases, this failure to heat is due to a short in this computer control board. Have the elements checked and replaced if needed. If they seem fine, the control board may need replaced.

Uncontrolled heating

Another issue is for the oven to continue heating, surpassing the preset temperature on the dial. The oven may become over hot to the touch each time you try to use it as it continue to heat because the elements do not switch off. This is usually due to a malfunction in the control board. Replacing the board will solve the issue.

Failure to turn on

Ovens that won't turn on at all may be suffering one of three issues. The most obvious is an electrical problem – either the oven switch has shorted and needs replaced or there is an issue with your electrical breaker. Another common problem is that the elements have burned out. If the light still activates when you turn on the oven, you have electricity, so the issue may be with the elements. The final issue is that the control board requires replacement.

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