How To Replace Your Dryer's Heating Element

13 September 2016
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The heating element in your clothes dryer is vital to normal functionality. It can often be hard to identify if your heating element needs to be replaced because your dryer will still run and spin like normal. Of course, the only problem will be that there will be no heat. As a result, your clothes will take longer to dry. And if you have your dryer set to sensor dry, it will run much longer to dry your clothes. This can definitely cause your energy bills to spike and you might not even notice if you turn on your drier and then leave the house for several hours. This article explains how to replace a heating element on a residential dryer.

Finding the Heating Element

The heating element is usually easy to find once you open up the unit. Before you do anything, unplug the unit, so there is no risk of it starting up while you are working on it. Some dryers are very easy to open up. Some have obvious access panels that you can take off by removing a couple of small screws. Others might require a more complicated disassembly of the appliance. If you can't figure it out, refer to the owner's manual. Regardless, you will most likely only need a screwdriver (cordless or handheld) to remove a couple of screws. In some cases, the screws are just a little hard to find.

Removing the Heating Element

Once you are inside the main compartment, you need to identify the heating element. The element consists of a small metal plate with aluminum coils and wiring mounted to it. First, you need to remove the power supply. Then, you just need to remove the screws on the metal plate that attach it to the mounting brackets. This should free up the heating element so you can pull it out of the compartment.

Installing the New Heating Element

Installing the new element is simple. First, compare it to the old one to make sure the plate is the same size and that the screw holes are in the same spot. Make sure you install it in the same position, with the coils facing the same direction they were before. Also, you want to be sure that the screws are very tight. If the plate is loose, it could shake off after some time of normal dryer tumbling. If you're not sure which type to get, an appliance repair parts store could be a good resource.

Changing your heating element is simple. It is a great way to save money and save you from buying a new dryer.