What A Remote Access System Can Do For Your Busy Family

29 August 2016
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Do you have a busy family? Perhaps there are times when no one is home, and there may be other times when only a portion of your family is home. If you are cooling or heating your whole home during the times when no one is home, then you are likely wasting energy. Upgrading to a remote access system to control the thermostat for your home could result in energy savings for your family. The following are a few of the benefits you may experience from purchasing this type of HVAC add-on.

Service Alerts

Some people tend to forget the importance of making their appointments for HVAC maintenance. This can end up costing them unnecessary money because their systems may not run as efficiently. It is also possible that systems in need of maintenance may eventually malfunction and need repairs. Remote access systems are programmed to send service alerts to you to ensure that this important detail is not forgotten. These systems are also programmed to send alerts for do-it-yourself maintenance such as changing your air filters each month. 

Easy App Operation

If you can use a smartphone, you can likely use the apps that are used to control thermostats for remote access systems. You can easily change the thermostat setting from within the app. This is a feature that is convenient and a money saver if you have family members who sometimes forget to turn off the thermostat when they leave the house. It is also ideal if you would like to keep your HVAC system off all day and activate it an hour or so before the first family member arrives, which will ensure that they come home to a comfortable house.

Additional Energy Saving Features

Some remote access systems have the ability to be programmed to manage other areas of your home. For example, some systems also allow homeowners to turn lights on and off or dim them. Others allow control over door locks, security cameras, and appliances. You may even view this type of upgrade as a security feature in itself. If a thief was surveilling your home saw the lights coming on or turning off, they would likely think that someone is inside. 

Multiple Zone Control

If your HVAC is equipped with multiple zones, you will appreciate being able to control all of the zones remotely. This means that if you need the air cooler in the kitchen because you are cooking, then you could simply make the adjustment from the kitchen via the app. It also means that all other zones would still be able to stay at the current temperature. For more information, visit http://www.homesmartcolorado.com/.