Why Central Air Conditioning Is Better Than Window Air Units

11 August 2016
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If you are trying to decide whether it is really time to upgrade to a central air conditioning unit, you might want to check out the following points.

The Installation Happens Once

The installation of the central air conditioning unit is a fairly easy one in that it is a process that does not take but a day and it does not have to be reinstalled every single summer. This is also something that is easily done by a professional HVAC technician, which means that you never have to get your hands dirty. However, if you decide to stick with the window air conditioning units, you will find that you have to take them out at the end of every summer and reinstall them at the beginning of the summer. This can be frustrating and backbreaking depending on the size of the units and how many you have to install just to keep the house at a comfortable enough temperature.

The Temperature Is Consistent Throughout The House

With the central air conditioning unit, you will find that every single room in the house will remain a nice consistent temperature. You will never again have to walk from one room to the next and become shocked by the temperature difference because a single window unit stopped working or is not working as efficiently as the other window units. This also means that you are going to be able to control the cost of your electric bill a lot easier because you can set the temperature for the entire house on one thermostat and have it set at a specific degree. This is a lot easier to control than going to all of the different window units and putting them on low, medium, or high and hoping for the best when it comes to your electric bill.

It Looks Nicer Than The Window Units

Some people feel that having a window air conditioning unit in multiple windows of the home can take away some of the curb appeal of the home. The central air conditioning unit is usually placed on the side or the back of the house. If it does need to be on the side of the house, you can hide it from public view with the use of a small decorative fence or a few bushes.

With those points in mind, you should have a much easier time understanding why the central air conditioner is a much better choice than the window units.