Common Reasons Why Your Appliance Won’t Turn On

23 September 2021
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Power outages and electrical system problems can both cause an appliance to lose power. But if the other appliances in the room are getting power, the problem likely lies with the appliance itself. Here are some of the common issues that could cause this lack of power with an electrical appliance. 1. Blown fuse If just one appliance doesn't seem to be getting power, that's probably not from a blown fuse (or tripped circuit breaker) in your electrical panel unless the appliance is on its own circuit. Read More 

Dryer Repair Services To Keep Your Appliance Running

4 May 2021
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Electrical appliances become faulty from time to time for various reasons ranging from normal wear and tear to human error. For example, your dryer may become faulty because of a defective heating element. When such defects occur, consult an appliance repair professional before discarding and replacing your current one. For instance, dryer repair services may restore the appliance to its optimal performance, eliminating the need for purchasing a new one.  Read More